Monday, July 27, 2009

Attractive Kitchens

Occasionally I come across a picture of a kitchen that I can relate to.

I was very much attracted to this one in particular.

From a visual standpoint, (first impression), the hood makes a statement.

Centered on the back wall, flanked by mullion doors on cabinets and then windows, it's very symmetrical;

Balanced in color by the Island, it's all very pleasing to eye.

The room is inviting, and its layout is non-conflicting.

From this angle, I can't tell if there is yet another window over the sink.
But if there isn't, there's enough natural light entering from the two on the back wall.

Sinks don't necessarily need to be under a window. Unless the window has an unobstructed view of the back yard where the ---"young children are at play".----
Frankly we are usually in front of a sink after dark anyway. The window serves no purpose then.

Enough of that!!

The Island, which also echoes the color of the hood, is "anchored" to the floor. The secondary color is a nice compliment to the white cabinets in the perimeter. The decorative back and ends, gives it a finished look from all around, and the pendant lights serve as illumination as well as an attraction for your eyes, yet not blocking the view to the hood.

It's sized proportionate to the room. Two stools are plenty. The counter curves just enough to allow the two casual diners to associate with each other.

The windows on the back wall are a good source of natural lighting, as well as, help to break up the monotony of too many cabinets.

The ceilings are probably 9'-0". This allows for the uppers to be taller (42"), as well as the transom mullions.
There is also a 6" soffit which blends with the ceiling. Crown mouldings and fascia connect the cabinets to the soffit.

The positioning of the appliances and work stations are roomy enough for two people to move about effortlessly. One can be in front of the sink, while another by the stove and the island.
Yet the refrigerator and the microwave can be accessed by others without interfering with the cooks.

I tip my hat to the designer of this kitchen.
Unfortunately, I don't know who that might be.

If you recognize it, let me know.


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