Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Shopping for a kitchen can be exhausting.

If you go to a "Mom and Pop" showroom,

they will most likely require a costly commitment "design fee".

If you go to a Home-Center, Lumber Yard, or Discount Center,

you're subjected to the uncomfortable ambiance, rude interruptions,

and sometimes poorly qualified "DESIGNER", on hand.

Every showroom carries multiple brands,

and they all claim to be the "BEST".

The dilemma is:

Each designer will do the design differently.

There's many ways of "skinning a cat".

Minor details, especially mouldings, accessories,

and modifications, can be interpreted differently.

In turn, your given a quote based on their items,

which might not be the exact items used by another

designer. And very rarely will they give you the items list.

I have a way of making the price comparison easy.

I use the most common design program in the industry.

2020 Design. Along with the most popular catalog, "KRAFTMAID"

Based on your input, I will do a design, Floor Plan and Elevations included.

send it to you along with an items list.

Which you can take to several showrooms, and get a fair price comparison.

Here's how it works.

Email me
to receive the needed packet which I will forward you via email.
Indicate whether you have used a promotion such as Pre Paid "Groupons".

Fill in all the wall measurements. indicate the locations of doorways, windows and obstructions.

fill out the appliance info, and check the preferred accessories.

I will contact you indicating my receipt and approval of your info.

At that time I will ask you to proceed with the payment.

Once I have all the info needed to proceed, I will forward you the design and items list.

This will be your most valuable tool to get fair comparative pricing.

Happy Shopping